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Getting a mortgage pre-approval is one of the most important steps to take before starting your home search. A mortgage pre-approval actually shows that a bank is willing to finance purchase your next home. If you're serious about buying a home, condo or investment real estate, one of the first steps you should take is to get a mortgage pre-approval. A mortgage pre-approval will show you how much home you can actually afford and help you determine your budget and monthly payments.

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Why get a mortgage pre-approval?

  • You will know what price home you can afford
  • You can lock in your pre-approved mortgage rate for several months, if rates rise you can get the lower rate.
  • Sellers will take an offer more seriously when its accompanied by a mortgage pre-approval.
  • You will know what your monthly payments will be ahead of time
  • Your broker can often negotiate a better purchase price or get your offer accepted against competing buyers
  • It is free and you have no obligation to take the mortgage after getting pre-approved

How we can help

We have selected and partnered with one to two mobile mortgage specialist in the Montreal area at each of Canada's big five banks as well as independent mortgage brokers who have a proven track record of providing our clients with amazing service and consistent results. Over hundreds of deals and decades of work we've kept working only with the best of the best. We are highly selective in the professionals we partner with and we know their level of service reflects on us, so we never work with anyone we would not work with ourselves as homeowners and investors.  

Some of the financial institutions we have partnered with

Partner banks for mortgage pre-approval

Why choose a mortgage specialist or mortgage broker?

A mortgage specialist or mortgage broker is the most knowledgeable and best trained person to provide the full suite of mortgage products as well as offer some options or special rates that may not be available to all bank employees. Many bank employees are extremely busy, work on investments, bank accounts and regular banking, they are generalists who may not have all the tools or know-how to best advise you on getting the best possible mortgage for your unique situation. Bank employees also only work generally during bank hours. All of our mortgage specialist partners are mobile specialists which means ALL they do is mortgages and loans and they come to you. No need to schedule long appointments at the bank during limited bank hours, they work around your schedule and can meet evenings or weekends.  If you want the best possible rate and terms, only work with a mortgage specialist or broker. 

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As real estate brokers we know that many deals require quick turn around, weekend availability, rapid responses to questions and final mortgage approvals within strict deadlines set out in the offer. The difference between a successful purchase and a lost deal often comes down to the person responsible for the mortgage. Also your mortgage specialist will be your main point of contact regarding your mortgage throughout the buying process, through to the notary and beyond when you are a happy homeowner and have questions along the way

Good mortgage specialists and brokers are also very knowledgeable of how real estate offers are done, the importance of their role in the process and we have experience working with them, so we only work with those who we know can get the job done to our clients' satisfaction. Along with your real estate broker, building inspector, your mortgage specialist is an active member of your team during the buying process and can make or break a great deal

Advantages of working with a mortgage broker:
  • Access to the best possible mortgage rates
  • Can meet you where and when is convenient to you
  • Experienced dealing with real estate broker and deals
  • Work only on mortgages, specialists in their field
  • A single point of contact for all your mortgage needs
  • Quick turnaround and meeting deadlines
  • Have experience getting financing despiute difficult situations, credit issues, self-employed, new residents and business owners
  • We have personally worked with our partners who offer the level of service and professionalism that we expect for our clients.

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