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Searching Homes on Notebook

If you're like most home buyers looking to move...

you spend a lot of your free time searching daily online looking for that perfect home that has what you're looking for, is in an ideal location and is priced within your budget. Hoping it appears one day.

And then one day you finally find it...​

You call to set up a visit right away...

the home has everything you've been looking for, it's in a great location and offered at an incredible price! You're promptly told the house already has an accepted offer on it (or even multiple offers). Or even worse, its already been sold. If it just came up online how is it already sold?

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The Fact is the Best Homes at the Best Prices
Sell within Days of Being Listed For Sale

  • Motivated sellers will price their homes to sell quickly
  • The best deals attract other smart buyers as well as real estate investors who can often close quickly and pay cash
  • If you're first in, you have the advantage over other buyers in negotiating the lowest possible price
  • After just 1 day on the market the best homes at the best prices may already have received multiple offers 
  • Real estate brokers have "pocket listings" that are not advertised online anywhere
  • If you are only searching websites you are competing with over 92% of all the other buyers
  •  Many websites are slow to update and remove sold listings
  • It can be up to 5 days between when a house is signed for sale and when its up on public websites. You need to be in first to get the best homes.


  • A FREE email with the latest listings and photos that match your criteria the minute they are available 
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Buying your 1st home can be a daunting experience. Andrew’s patience, perseverance and professionalism ensured that the whole process went as smoothly as possible for me. I couldn’t have done it without him!

Kelly Quinn,


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