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If you're curious what your home is worth, are thinking about a move or selling your home in the future, we provide
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With this information you'll be able to determine what your home might sell for if you decided to put it on the market.

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You receive a FREE personalized comparative market analysis report of the value of your home by email. Includes sale prices of similar homes that have sold recently in your neighborhood.

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Your Biggest Asset

Your home is your biggest asset you own. You stay up to date on the values of your other investments like stocks, mutual funds and RRSPs, you check your statements to see if they've gone up or down in value. Yet most homeowners guess when it comes to the value of their home.

Get regular accurate updates of ALL your assets, including your biggest one - YOUR HOME

Don't Guess What its Worth, Know.

Many homeowners go online and look at the prices of homes in their area to see what their own could be worth. But asking prices are very different from sale prices. Similar homes often sell at very different prices. Looking at your own home objectively the way a buyer does is difficult for the owner. A professional Comparative Market Analysis will objectively analyse the sale prices (not the asking prices) to determine the accurate market value of your home.

You could be losing tens of thousands of dollars by guessing your home's value

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  • Tips and suggestions to maximize the value of your home 
  • Annual updates on how much your home has changed in value sent to you by email


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